World Illuminated by the Embracing Sun "Sora""Yama""Umi"
2011/12/1 Releace      US$14.85


1 Flowing Blue and White Fusion
2 Gazing at the Starry Sky
3 reflection
4 To the Longing Sky
5 The Sun's Eyes
6 The Mystic Door
7 Happiness 


1 The Enchanted Lake 
2 River of Mercy
3 Ancient Path
4 Above the Heavenly Clouds
5 Love that Gives
6 Beautiful Tears
7 A Memoir of Nostalgic Soul


1 Healing Cradle 
2 Happiness Within.
3 Into The Wind 
4 Gate of Utopia
5 What Ocean Dreams
6 Evening of serenity
7 All Living Souls

From Liner notes

This world is beautiful. But why is this so? Why do we sense that this world is beautiful? What do we see, hear, or feel that breeds our fascination with this world? M.I.Z. is an artist who, through music, conceptualizes the answers to these simple yet fundamental questions.

Deep within this world are invisible "rules" which vitalize and transform it. It matters not whether one calls the source of these beautiful rules God, Buddha, or truth. These rules are as the rays of the sun—they hold within them endlessly powerful, endlessly kind, and endlessly deep time. Thus, one simply cannot help but feel these rules are beautiful.

On this world illuminated by the sun, this planet called Earth, even an occurrence as small as one leaf falling from a tree is never merely a coincidence. M.I.Z.'s three concept albums, World Illuminated by the Embracing Sun "Sora/Sky," "Yama/Mountain," and "Umi/Ocean" present this awareness to all.

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